A picture of a Muslims wearing a headscarf

Muslim women to wear headscarves together -- not only because of Allah in the Qur'an in two ordered them to do that, because Mu Sheng (Lord Fu'an) the same order. The 24 Chapter 30 section 31, said: "you of believers said that they lower the eye, cover down, which is more pure for them. God really knows their behavior. You say to women, that they reduce the sight, shielding body, Mo exposed jewelry, unless exposed naturally, they called veiled her chest, at the end of a jewelry, unless to their husbands, or their fathers, or their husband's father, or their sons, or their husband's son, or their brothers, or their brothers or sisters son, son, or their maid, or their slaves, or no sexual manservant, or do not understand what women do not force children; let them go, so that they have hidden in jewelry. The believers! You shall all repent to Allah so that you can succeed. "

Muslims wearing a headscarf

Muslims wearing a headscarf

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