Why Arabian Muslim wear a headscarf ?

 Why  Arabian Muslim wear a headscarf , Chinese Muslim wear a white cap, and Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia wear black caps? In tropical countries, the weather is so hot, men wear caps, women have scarves, won’t they feel too hot?

Headdress is commonly found in arid regions as it provides protection from sunburn, dust and sand, which is called keffiyeh or kufia.

China and Southeast Asian Muslims do not need to consider this aspect of the problem, they wear Muslim Taqiyahs mainly because when Muslims pray, they let the body touches the ground directly , while wearing a hat can prevent the forehead hair covering the forehead.

As for color,they prefer black,white and green, while green caps in some areas are not suitable for wearing, black caps and white caps become very popular in Muslims.

Chinese Muslims do not necessarily wear only white; Muslims in Southeast Asia do not necessarily wear only black. A variety of colors, styles, patterns of hats are actually very common.

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