Are there any special meanings for different scarves in Arabia?

Why are Arab kerchief sometimes white and sometimes red and white plaid? Is there any special meanings for different scarves?    

 No special meaning. Only because in the previous Arabia Peninsula, red, black, and gray dyestuff are more easy to dye and became common colors. Dyes are also common in everyday life, such as stone grinding, powder, animal blood or plant leaf grinding, and printing on a well tailored cloth. Over time, although more colors have been introduced to the Arabia Peninsula, these original colors have long been popular and formed traditional customs.

As for the styles of headscarf , I personally speculated (without confirmation, no specific answer). It should have something to do with the local tribe's range of activities. For example, in the desert ,people follow water and plants to settle down, dyeing materials are scarce, most colors may be black , white ,and gray. But in the north and South of Arabia Peninsula , where there are more oases, , products are more abundant, the choice of dyes are vary, red or green (green scarf is worn by people in the southern Arabia Peninsula in Oman ) scarves also came into being. Now in spite of pure color dyeing kerchiefs, concise style embroidered scarves are also very popular,