Why Saudi like red-chequered headscarf ?

           There is a story that goes back to the days when the British army came to the Arab region, and one of the commanders was wearing a red beret. He visited Jordan at first, where he trained the Jordanian army and formed their first army and police troops. From that they basically had all of their troops wear normal shirts and trousers and added the red-chequered shemagh.

And from there the same was adopted by most of the army and police departments of the Arab region. This colour was implemented into the typical Arabian-style headdress and got a popular name – shemagh. Later the red-chequered shemagh started being worn by everyone, and the name remained.Today, the colour of the shemagh is just one part of a man’s daily outfit selection. 

However, today, the colour of the headdress is just a matter of personal preferences, no special meanings.