Advantages Of Computer Embroidery

                   Advantages of computer embroidery 

1, computer embroidery machine with LCD display function

Liquid crystal display resolution of this kind of machine is relatively high,At the time of embroidery, you can display the pattern of the sample at any time on the top, you can come to practice according to the actual situation to switch between Chinese and English interface, operation is very simple.

2, You can store a variety of patterns

Computer embroidery machine has a computer system, you can store a variety of formats in the inside, and the capacity is very large, so it can effectively improve the processing efficiency.

3, With the function of rotation and scaling

Figure can be arbitrary angle of rotation, can be realized about reversal, in addition, the figure reduced to a half, of course can also be magnified two times, set the specific parameters of the scope is to look at the actual embroidery machine, but also can choose the first rotation after the zoom, or is the first zoom after rotation. This can satisfy more needs of embroidery.

4, You can edit and combine the patterns

The existence of computer system pattern is can be edited, but also can be several different patterns through various forms of combination, the formation of a new pattern, it is very flexible, very convenient.

5, Repeated embroidery can be done

Computer embroidery machine can generally be repeated embroidery, or can be part of the region repeated embroidery, horizontal, vertical, there are at most nine times, a total of 81 times can be repeated embroidery.

These advantages of computer embroidery machine is also a solid foundation for its development. It has a very big role in promoting the development of embroidery, and improves the effect and accuracy of embroidery.

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