Introduction and use of scarves

Introduction and use of scarves

Scarf type: cotton or wool quality, with a little need to have the kind of winter feeling. With clothing: suitable for wearing a thick coat in the larger. One can reduce the coat to bring a heavy sense, to maintain a relatively balanced; two can also add beauty it Well. So, it is called balance knot! Boys are also very suitable for the oh.

Suitable environment: of course, is also outdoor.

Color: girls on the election bright jump a little, pink friends, orange, grass green friends, you can, young you nothing can not; boys can choose some stable color, dark blue, khaki can, in addition, checkered Is also a good choice. Play:

1. the scarf around the neck, before and after the cross to make a knot;

2. will be in front of that scarf from the back of the neck around;

3. through the back of the scarf around the neck through the gap;

4. Organize, both sides to maintain balance, like the length of the same.

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