Embroidered Wool Shawl Manufacture

  Shawls, scarves and stoles have become a wardrobe essential for women, shawls always adds colour and texture to your outfit. Whether it’s a sari, an evening dress or casual jacket and jeans—complementing with shawls gives your outfit the chic look it deserves. Here are some of the popular shawls available in the market today to help you choose which shawl to include to your outfits.

 Classic wool shawl or plain pashmina is an ideal option for those who like it simple and want to avoid making a pother. Pick colours you like, whether its pastel or dark, classic shawl looks graceful with every outfit.

 If one colour is not enough, why not go for two? Pick multiple colours and accessorise it with your outfit.  

 If plain shawls are not your style, why not get an embroidered ? The impressive embroidery decoration works and hue is sure to grab your attention at once.You can customize one if the conditions permit.

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