In Foreign Africa And The Arab Region Of The Headscarf


In Africa, Togo, Benin, Nigeria and other places of women, like to wear a kind of bright robe made of robe clothing, and in the head with the same Yan

Color, texture of the fabric made of scarf, it is very chic. Outsiders may be strange, the weather is so hot, why bite the first package so tight? In fact, this scarf is the local "head purse". The women put the lace in the head tightly around several laps, go out and then put a stack of notes stacked between the headscarves, I do not know the bottom of the people simply can not see. Originally, the traditional cloth robe although the sun, breathable, cloth is too soft, not suitable for sewing pockets. Even if the seam, things are easy to fall out. Plus women often carrying children, money on the pocket even more insured. "Head purse" is different: one tight, not shake, not open; two high, thieves start equal to self-exposure, so you can effectively anti-theft.

Arab region

Arab national men wear scarves, in some African and Southeast Asian Islamic men have the habit of wearing. The Arabian headscarves can be simply divided into jacquard towels (SHEMAGH) and white towel (GUTRA) according to the manufacturing method.

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