Identify The Quality Of The Scarf From The Fabric And Color

Good fabric is the first element of silk scarf quality. In addition to carefully selected fabrics, the scarf cloth side of the sewing to hand on the election. Printing colors must be uniform, in general, the amount of silk scarf color can sometimes be used as a measure of good quality standards, the richer color of the scarf, printing and dyeing costs will increase, the better the quality.

According to the characteristics of the body to pick

Scarf material, size, play different, hit out the length, thickness and location will be different, it is best to match their own characteristics, try to use silk scarves to show the advantages. For example: the neck is very long people are suitable for tie scarves, what kind of binding method looks very beautiful; and short neck, it is recommended to choose a thin fabric, and do not tie in the middle of the neck, a little. In addition, the effect of the scarf to play and the proportion of the body, petite and exquisite people should avoid too much, too thick scarf.

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