Matching Method

Scarves bring many memories of the autumn, wool woven out of the warmth of the attachment, of course, there is a fall of the streets, flying the beautiful silk. Scarf family logo is surprisingly elegant temperament, regardless of scarves or long scarves can be very delicate care. Winding, and so tenderness; close to the neck, and thus charming. In the fall, we can embrace the scarf. In the autumn is not cold, the face of the autumn wind blowing, scarves only symbolically resist, pretending to be wrapped around the gesture. Some people say that people who like scarves are a bit narcissistic, it is because wearing a scarf face is more clear, you can better adjust the perfect face, or set off makeup, so only love their own people can wear a scarf beauty The Even in a trace of chill of autumn, but also to wear sleeveless, no collar shirt, with a scarf with a clean dress, which is this fashionable midday fashion head. As long as the color around the dazzling, soft and warm scarf, not only can drive away the cool, but also the scarves of different styles written on the expression. Or play cool, or gentle and pleasant, scarf magic is so magical.

Scarf method: folded into the appropriate width of the scarf from the front hanging to the neck, scarves at both ends of the cross after the neck and then around the chest. This can make the style of ordinary scarf shape, with the overall effect will give a refreshing feeling. This scarf will make the neck slightly loose, so when you match the coat, to stand up, the scarf tied to the outside, so it does not seem bloated.

Scarves make cold winter no longer cold. A long scarf around the neck can not only show static elegance, but also reflects the dynamic flowing water like gentle, surrounded by a long scarf so that women express thousands of style.