What Is The Role Of The Scarf?

What is the role of the scarf?

A wiping sweat

Riding, rock climbing time, and then no more than the second hand. The big sweat of the beans rolled over his face and itchy. Three laps around the wrist. Scarf then play a buffer and then the effect of wrist. At this time with the wrist wrapped around the head scarf in the face of a rub, sweat all sucked. Friendly tips about make-up crush, so a rub, face also became a cat. There is a girl riding to Xitang, the road made of wrist with a scarf, feeling good, frequently wipe the road, passers-by frequently eyebrows. To the Xitang, took out a small mirror to see, wow, mascara into two dark clouds, wiping out two panda eyes.

B hair

The suburbs are always wild wind, elegant hair in the wind was blown into a ball, stuffed into the mouth, Wu bad. Looks like a madman, far to see like Sadako, and then look like Medusa.

Headband Scarf folded into a double, set in the head, the hair can be pulled out. The width of the headband can be adjusted.

Head rope With a scarf to put a circle around the hair up, as long as the ponytail will be this.

C decoration

In a beautiful place where the scenery posed for pictures, especially according to the collective photo. Package so a scarf, Kacha, ring about the shutter. Get the photo, the most out of that forever is you.

The head towel turned over, hands crossed, each grabbed the end of the scarf, pull, scarf knot. Will move to the side of the move, while a hole. The hair from the hole pulled out, it became. Scarf is absolutely handsome beauty of the magic of the trouble.

D warm

Finally, the most important feature of the scarf is to keep warm.

Melon cap The head towel turned over, set in the ears and Qi Mei Department, will be part of the straightened, rotating a few laps, open, wrapped in the head. Double melon hood made.

Collar collar Set in the neck, you're done.

3. masks. In the collar on the basis of the scarf to the eyes below it

E decoration

Summer wear a headscarf, the sky, the light, good-looking, all the focus, engage in a long time, unknowingly, wearing a scarf not only dress up the ingredients higher, and the But also breath through the year round. In a variety of outdoor activities, the headscarf is playing its unique role, walking in the jungle, the spider web is often, let it wrapped around the hair, must be uncomfortable, scarf does not block the line of sight, take pictures do not touch the frame , But also save wiping. A small cloth, but also for towels or scarves, if necessary, cold. In the trip, the scarf seems to have become an indispensable equipment, while the headscarf is also moving in the direction of multi-functional development. So you enjoy the comfort, warmth, a variety of performance, whether in the snow, cold or even to protect you in the sun

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