The Beauty Of The Scarf Is Reflected In Those Places

The beauty of the scarf is reflected in those places

Strike up

To a large group of strange ALICE first collective departure, it is inevitable because of unfamiliar and embarrassing. Talk about the weather Few people are so elegant. You can show off the technique of tie the scarf, look at the size of the scarf, one to two to cooked. Want to take the opportunity and crush strike up, this move the most spiritual.


Unless you alone in the world, or go out to travel regardless of distance is always 35 groups, two people share a standard room is the most common thing. If you are used to sleep early, but also embarrassed to ask the letter of the night owl friends turn off the lights. The scarf around the eyes, became a temporary goggles, but also come in handy.


When the masses open the party, with a scarf to head up, only exposed two eyes, matched with a piece of shawl or sand, is a customs of thousands of Arab women. K song, take a microphone to sing a song S.H.E "Persian cat", do not feel to find their own. Of course, in the wild, so wrapped is also very warm

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