The Origin Of The Headscarf

The origin of the headscarf

1000 years ago, the Arabs designed the first kerchief in the Middle East, use it to withstand the harsh desert climate. Today, kerchief has become a symbol of male charm mature and nationalism .

When the Arabia headscarf came out, there were only two shades of beige and white, but today's scarves are diverse and colorful , even green and purple scarves can be seen.

Headdress is not only a dress, it is also of political and cultural significance. The middle-aged Arabs put on a scarf out of status and honor. In order to resist the invasion of the hot summer, they choose a white turban. When the weather gets cold, they prefer darker scarves with red or black lines .

Bedouin boy usually get the kerchief from their father at the age of fifteen. A seventy-seven year old Bedouin said: "Scarf is the best gift in the world, it marks I have become a real man," he then said: "If who dares to take it away from me, I will fight with him until the end. The scarf is my honor."

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