The System Of The Generous Towel Diagram/method To Make Your Dress Full Of Personality Diversity!

The system method of the generous towel

Generous towel around the neck

Square Round Method steps:

First, the generous towel diagonally folded, and then in the fold out of the chestnut to roll, so that can not see the sharp tip of the corner.

Second, then wound around the neck, with the simplest of the flat knot to do fixed, if too long can be played in a flat knot, finishing two corners to form a bow, OK.

Make a shawl with a generous towel

Square Round Method steps:

Tips: Sometimes sitting in an air-conditioned room, need to use a shawl, then the generous towel can also be very good performance of its role.

First, expand the square, and then tie the two corners of the alignment at the same time a flat knot.

Second, and then according to wear the sleeves of clothes generally, while wearing a hole, it became a good-looking fashionable shawl.