The World's Longest Turban


       According to the British "Daily Mail" reported , 60 year old Afanda Singh Muni (Avtar Singh Mauni),an India Punjab (Punjab) devout Sikhs,  has the world's largest Turban , which is 645 meters long, weighing 45 kg. Wearing this turban takes 6 hours. Most Sikh turban is only 5 to 7 meters long, but Mauni decided to extend it to break the world record. If the Mauni hood length officially confirmed, he will break Guinness record which was kept by Major Singh, whose turban was 400 meters long. Mauni said, those purple and orange cloth weighs 30 kilograms. But if coupled with other decorations, the total weight reached 45 kg. If coupled with his sword and heavy bracelets, he will plus 39 kg of body weigh on his body. Because the turban is too wide and too high, Mao can't get into the car, so he can only go on a pilgrimage by motorcycle.


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